A Physicist and Artist try to make it in Silicon Valley

A Physicist and Artist try to make it in Silicon Valley
In which a couple tries to thrive creatively and intellectually on and offline

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sketchbook Friday #13

This week's sketchbook Friday is a series of sketches that I have created for my newest painting, "A Study in Silence".

Living in a city has made me think a lot about the nature of silence, and for me at least, it isn't the absence of sound, but being able to hear things that you normally would not be able to. My favorite example of this is being able to hear the snow falling. When I lived in Northern Wisconsin, it was a fairly common occurrence, but in Madison and especially here in Silicon Valley, it just doesn't happen.

The snowy owl is actually from a memory in high school. I was visiting a friend in the early Spring, and had parked my car at the bottom of her driveway (she had one of those crazy long driveways you see in the country). I got out of the car, and went to shut my door, but stopped, because not more than 6 feet away was a snowy owl, wide awake and looking straight at me. It was fantastic! I stood there for a long time, then finally shut my door, which caused the owl to take off. It was a beautiful moment.

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